Why should I use it?

There are many reasons where such a tool can be put to good use: Whenever you have information that is so sensitive that it should not be readily available (think log files containing personal information, think passwords to important company systems known to only a few but access might be required after a major desaster for other) it might make sense to force a 4-eyes policy.

This is a tool for terrorists! You are supporting them!

First: This is not a question. And it is also not the answer to any possible question. I am not supporting in any way any usage of cryptography for unlawful purposes. It is the other way round: I believe that bad guys are already using such technologies. I also strongly believe that it can be used very positively instead.  In fact, the building blocks of MEO are used very widely  these days. Everything in MEO is used day-by-day by everybody doing shopping or banking on the internet. There is actually no cryptographic software involved beyond what is provided by the OpenSSL project (which powers the SSL functionality on most Linux-based webservers) and other standard software.

Why don’t you host it on GitHub, Sourceforge, BitKeeper,…?

Because I haven’t made my mind up yet about any possible implications this might have. After all: this may count as cryptographic software and may be governed by special export rules. Almost all source hosting services are located in the US, and I am not.

What is the License of the MEO tool?

The tool is dual licensed: It is open source software using the GNU Affero General Public License, Version 3 and it could be licensed commercially.

Where is the Repo? How can I contribute?

Here is the mercurial repo. Please note that this repo does not contain all the history from the internal development sprint. Regarding contribution: Currently MEO uses a dual licensing scheme, so when you want to contribute I kindly ask you to assign me the right  for commercial licensing before I will apply any patches. This might change in the future, but I’ve got some mouthes to fill…

I don’t understand how it works. Could you please explain it?

There is a PDF paper available that goes into the technical details. Try to read it first, please.