By downloading MEO you are acknowledging that you are legally entitled to do so by both Austrian law, your local law and all international aggreements as applicable to cryptographic software or software in general.

Windows Installer (32bit) – this is an exe file.

Source Code (tar.bz2)

For the source code there is also a mercurial repo.

Everything in the source package assumes that the software is built on a Fedora Linux 17 based Linux system. There is a spec file included in order to build an RPM on Fedora 17.  Even the windows version gets cross-compiled and packaged on such a Linux system. On standard Fedora 17 there is only one package missing from the distribution to do so. There is no mingw32-pkcs11-helper package. Because auf this, I provide a source-RPM for you to build and install. That package is not required when building the linux version (but a lot of other packages are).


You can build an installable RPM of mingw-pkcs11-helper from this file by doing “rpm –rebuild” with the source RPM file.